Friday, October 23, 2009

One book down two to go.

First: I finished By Conduct and Courage last night.  I recommend it to all of my peeps, and will soon have a book review on it in a couple of days/weeks.
Second: I started The Pirate City, and it is awesome.  Well written and exciting.
Last but by far not the least:  Douglas Bond is publishing his new Book!!!!!!  Guns Of Providence!  It is about the USS Providence, one of
John Paul Jones first commands in the American war for independence, and as you know I admire John Paul Jones and have read several Bios about him.  So, I really can't wait to read it!

~Calico Zak, who is ecstatic over 
Douglas Bonds new book!


Moriah said...

Hm, I'll have to check into those books. Can't wait for the review!

Cassie said...

My brother Connor read and loved the Pirate City. He prefers Ballantyne as an author and I prefer Henty. :D


Calico Zak said...

At the Moment I prefer Henty, although my mind is rapidly changing with every chapter I read.

~Calico Zak

Moriah said...

So, have you ever read Duncan's War, King's Arrow, Rebel's Keep, Guns of Thunder, and Guns of the Lion, all of which are by Douglas Bond? If so, what are they really about? If you've ever read the Chuck Black books, are they at all similar? Who wrote The Pirate City? Sorry I'm bombarding you with questions!! I'm looking for some action books!